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Last May I visited Ocean Dental while on vacation in Cancun.I was advised that I should get 4 crowns and 16 veneers. I had always been interested in improving my teeth, both shape and whiteness. I received a quote, which was much cheaper than pricing in the states. This should have been my first clue that something was wrong. The dentist that performed the procedure seemed like a nice guy, although he spoke little English. He also seemed very hurried and overworked, again a sign that I should have left immediately. Since having this procedure done, I have had 4 veneers detach. I have excellent oral hygiene, and wear my night guard religiously. I have made the decision that instead of having the veneers re attached, I will have my local dentist replace them with crowns, added expense, but peace of mind, not constantly worrying about my teeth falling out. Ocean Dental says that their work is guaranteed, what good is this when I am 1200 miles away. I am very disa

Ocean Dental Cancun - Severe botched dental work by Dr. Irma Gavaldon

I am warning all Americans and Canadians seeking dental treatments abroad. I went with Dr Irma Gavaldon at Ocean Dental Cancun in Cancun Mexico. She offered me a commission for every patient I refer to her and also mentioned if she could use me as reference to convince others to use her services. At first I agree because i thought it was ok to help other uninsured Americans. She seemed nice and I liked her. Related: Ocean Dental Cancun Dental Service Review from Cary, North Carolina --> https://ocean-dental-cancun.pissedconsumer.com/ocean-dental-cancun-dental-service-review-from-cary-north-carolina-20160614865707.html Anyway Dr Irma Gavaldon performed some dental work and put veneers in my upper teeth. Afterwards my teeth were in a lot of pain, the following month I ran to my local dentist to have my veneers re-done because my veneers were put incorrectly and my teeth were in a lot of pain just to discover one of my teeth was broken while in her care.

Dr. Irma Gavaldon - Dental Cancun is a money mill

Horrible. Cancun Dental Specialists formerly Ocean Dental Cancun is a money mill. Dr. Irma Gavaldon has sold her soul to the almighty dollar.